Pocket Knife Citadel Stavanger damas mammoth ivory

One of our unique piece liner lock folding knife. Blade and handle tips are made of damascus stainless steel from Zladinox ( Russia). Ivory mammoth scales with tips. Beautiful custom leather sheath offered .


Pictures are of available product
A little liner-lock folding knife damas blade with thumb stud. This knife is a Unqiue Piece.

  • Handmade, damascus stainless steel blade from Zladinox ( Russia), partly hand chiseled spine,with thumb stud mounted on bronze-beryllium rings. Adjustable tightening. Length 2.78″, thickness in middle 0.10″, width 0.83″
  • Z40C13 steel frame with selected ivory mammoth scales completed with the combination of hand engrarving on the back, red synthetic spacers and two damascus stainless steel tips. Width 0.89″, thickness 0.75″
  • Total length 6.54″, weight 5.08 Oz

* Leather sheath offered by Depdep SARL
Entirely handmade by CITADEL