Pocket Knife Citadel Monterey worm

Folding knife, the perfect shape to fit in your pocket, edc. Stainless steel blade. Composite materials with nice color scales, red fiber spaces and come along with leather string.


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A sleek and smooth liner lock folding knife.

  • Handmade N690Co Böhler stainless steel blade fully tempered and mounted on bronze-beryllium rings. Length 80mm (3.15″), middle thickness 3mm (0.12″). Adjustable tightening
  • Frame is Z40C13 steel with disassemblable composite materials ( cardboard ) nice kaki colour scales, red synthetic spacers. Leather string. Thickness 18mm
  • Length 180mm, weight 129gr

Entirely handmade by CITADEL
Delivered in its storage pouch