Knife Citadel Nordic very old style

Roam the woods in style… This knife is one of the first of Citadel Knives. Very few were made , Only one remains. Unique Piece.


Pictures are of available product
Hand-forged, selectively quenched blade, its rustic look is underlined by the subtile elegance of its chiseled bolster

  • DNH7 hand forged carbon steel blade with selective temper, forge finish and custom hand engraving on spine, length 3.24″, thickness in middle 0.19″. width 0.97″
  • Rosewood handle with brass peg, leather spacers, bronze bolster hand engraving the same motif of the blade spine. Middle thickness 0.73″, width 1.06″
  • Overall length 7.36″, weight 4.37oz
  • Leather belt sheath with some oil stains

Entirely handmade by CITADEL
Delivered in its storage pouch