Knife Citadel Aikuchi Caviar

Small combat knife with Japanese traditional polishing blade, very nice temper line Jackfruit wood handle wrapped by stingray skin with big scales. Unique piece.

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A small, beautiful combat knife with Japanese traditional stone polishing blade

  • Hand-forged blade in DNH7 carbon steel, in uncurved Shobu Zukuri shape. Clay selective temper in the traditional method, stone polishing blade resulting in an irregular Gunome-type hamon. Nagasa 150mm, thickness at the habaki 6mm, width at habaki 28.7mm
  • Tsuka made of  jackfruit wood full wrapped by stingray with big scales. Fushi- Kashira are made of water buffalo horn. Length 100mm, thickness 23.2mm, width 38.9mm.
  • Black lacquer saya, Koigushi, Kojiri are made of water buffalo horn
  • Total length 250mm. Weight 205gr

Delivered in his Bukuro and a storage pouch.