Japanese Knife Citadel Tanto brown

Japanese Citadel Tanto. DNH7 carbon steel hand forged blade, differentially quenched, brown lacquer scabbard, Tsuka with white same, flower menukis, pur iron tsuba. Unique piere.


Pictures are of available product
Citadel Tanto brown Saya

  • Blade length 9.44″, high carbon steel hand forged with different quenching
  • Handle length 4.92″, black silk braiding, jackwood warpped in white same high quality, flower menukis and engraving flowers Fuchi-Kashira
  • Length total without sheath : 15.55″
  • Length with sheath on : 15.94″
  • Weight 17.46oz ( without sheath 13.75oz)

Entirely handmade by CITADEL and entirely disassemblable
Delivered in its silk sleeve and a storage pouch
One of a kind.