Japanese Knife Citadel Tanto Brown rayskin saya

Beautiful Tanto with rare Hamon utsuri temper line.


Beautiful Tanto with rare temper line.

  • Blade is DNH7 carbon steel hand forged on sharcoal bed. The shape is Shobu Zukuri. True, visible selective clay temper, in places utsuri – a whitish reflexion line following almost the same pattern, giving the false impression of a second Hamon. Traditional glossy stone polishing
  • Nagasa: 10.16″
  • Kassane: 0.18″
  • Moto haba: 1.14″
  • Hamon: Gunome Midare with utsuri effect
  • Mune: Ihari gently slant
  • Habaki: tempered copper mounted on its blade, engraving on both sides features a “shower of stars”
  • Seppas: filed brass
  • Tsuba: aged iron with one Itsu Ana
  • Tsuka: Length 4.96″, jackwood wrapped in white Same high quality grain with big scale on Omote side. Mekugi bamboo is tangential to Mekugi Ana in order to avoid loose work. Alloy 3 leaves of Aoi (mallow) Menukis. Tsuka Ito is black japanese thin silk braid in Ineri Maki style. Fushi-Kashira are polished aged iron. Ito Dome are made with a double leaf filed brass
  • Saya is non silicous jackwood wrapped in polished rayskin sunk into brown/pinky stained lacquer. Koigushi, Kojiri, Kurigata are water buffalo horn
  • Overall: 15.39″, weight 16.61oz

Entirely handmade by CITADEL and entirely disassemblable
Delivered in its silk sleeve and fabric, zipped, lined storage pouch
One of a kind.