Japanese Knife Citadel Susume Bati small

Susume Bati small, Japanese inspired small straight knife. Ridged and double edged blade with a visible temper line and selective temper. Tempered copper Habaki, white ray skin handle and black lacquered Saya.


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Citadel Susume Bati small, Japanese style small straight knife

  • Hand-forged DNH7 carbon steel, ridged and double edged. Visible temper line with selective temper as well as a tempered copper Habaki. Blade length: 87mm/ 3.42″ (including Habaki)
  • Polished white rayskin handle and black lacquered saya
  • Total length: 163mm/ 6.41″.
  • Weight with saya 250gr/ 8.81oz.

Entirely made by CITADEL
Delivered in its silk sleeve and storage pouch.