Japanese Knife Citadel Susume bati green and white

Susume Bati, Japanese-inspired smallKaïkenstraight knife. Polished steel blade with central ridge, double edge. White polished Same rayskin handle. Green glossy lacquer Saya.


Susume Bati, Japanese inspired small Kaïkenstraight knife, beautiful as a jewel.

  • Hand-forged and polished DNH7 carbon steel blade with central ridge, double edge, visible selective temper line (Hamon Midare), length 3,46″, thickness in middle : 0.196″. Tempered copper Habaki mounted on the blade.
  • White polished Same handle with grey spots, buffalo horn Mekugi, solid bronze Fushi and Kashira
  • Green glossy lacquer Saya with lost wax cast solid bronze Koigushi. Width 1.54″
  • Overall 6.5″, weight 7.21oz

Entirely handmade by CITADEL.
Delivered in its silk sleeve and storage pouch.