Japanese Knife Citadel Tanto Rayskin Saya

Very nice Tanto with beautiful hand forged blade. The Saya is  covered in full stingray skin. 


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Very elegent Tanto, beautiful blade with selective clay tempering, traditional Japanese. UNIQUE piece. 

  • XC75 carbon steel hand forged, temper line is high, visible.
  • Nasaga 241mmn
  • Kassane 6mm
  • Moto haba 31.9mm
  • Copper Habaki, engraved fitted on the blade. Reinforced by a bronze sheet.
  • Polished and blackened iron Tsuba, Hamidashi type with Kozuka Itsu
  • Tsuka length 122mm, jackwood wrapped in white Same high quality grain with big scale. Tsuka Ito is black japanese thin silk braid in Ineri Maki style. Fushi-Kashira are polished aged iron. Ito Dome are made with a double leaf filed brass
  • Seppas : filed brass
  • Saya is non silicous jackwood wrapped in polished rayskin. Koigushi, Kojiri, Kurigata are water buffalo horn
  • Length total 387mm. Weight 483gr

Entirely handmade by CITADEL and entirely disassemblable
Delivered in its silk sleeve and fabric, zipped, lined storage pouch