Japanese Knife Citadel Aikuchi damask black

Beautiful Japanese knife, damascus carbon steel blade with grooved, handmade Habaki made in copper. Satin black lacquered saya. Unique Piece.

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This Aikuchi damas is an UNIQUE PIECE
Beautiful Japanese knife. Minor cracks on the blade -see photo.

  • Very nice carbon damascus steel with grooved blade, handmade. Hira Zukuri. Temper line.
  • Nagasa : 253mm
  • Kassane : 6.25mm
  • Moto Haba : 32mm
  • Hamon : Gunome Midare Mune : Iari with a very light slope
  • Habaki : tempered copper
  • Tsuka : length 140mm, thickness 23mm. Jackwood entirely wrapped with black Same, Fushi-Kashira and Mekugi are made of water buffalo horn. Copper Menuki dragon.
  • Saya : satin black lacquered. Kurigata, Koigushi, Kojiri are made of water buffalo horn. Brass Shito Domes.
  • Weight 313gr

Delivered in a silk Bukuro and a storage pouch.
Entirely handmade by CITADEL