Japanese Knife Citadel Aikuchi damas

Beautiful Japanese knife, damascus carbon steel blade with grooved, handmade. Habaki made by copper. Black lacquered saya with glitter, handle wrapped by black stingray skin. Unique Piece.


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This Aikuchi damas is an UNIQUE PIECE

  • Nagasa : 9.13″, very nice carbon damascus steel with grooved blade, handmade
  • Tsuka: 5.94″, jackfruit wood full wrapped by black stingray. Menuki made by brass.
  • Kugirata, koiguchi, kashira, fuchi, meguki made of buffalo horn.
  • Black lacquer saya with glitter.
  • Weight 12.52Oz

Delivered in a silk Bukuro and a storage pouch.
Entirely handmade by CITADEL