Japanese Knife Citadel Aikuchi Banksia

Little Japanese knife of combat exceptionally beautiful. Hand-forged blade in DNH7 carbon steel, Shobu Zukuri shape, without curve. Traditional clay selective temper, giving an irregular Gunome-type hamon. Tsuka and saya are made with stabilized banksia pod. UNIQUE PIECE.


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A small, beautiful Japanese combat knife. Unique Piece

  • Hand-forged blade in DNH7 carbon steel, in uncurved Shobu Zukuri shape. Clay selective temper in the traditional method, resulting in an irregular Gunome-type hamon. Mune lari, with a slight slope. Nagasa 7.13″, thickness at the habaki 0.25″, width at habaki 1.15″
  • Stabilized banksia pod tsuka. Buffalo horn mekugi and fushi-kashira. Length  thickness 4.37″, width 1.58″, thickness 0.96″.
  • Stabilized banksia pod saya beautiful colors. Koigushi and kojiri in water buffalo horn.
  • Total length 11.50″, weight 8.43 Oz

Delivered in a silk Bukuro and a storage pouch.
Entirely handmade by CITADEL