Katana Citadel Viridus

Beautiful functional Katana nicely decorated with leather and lacquer,sporting a well defined temper line


As often with CITADEL this Katana should satisfy both collectors and fencers. This is due to a new classy blade shouldered by an original, elegant Koshirae.

  • Powerful long blade is build in Yamato style, little curved. DNH7 high carbon steel hand forged with 3 hammers on a charcoal bed. Bohi ends parallele to the point – as Japanese tradition orders. True selective clay tempering giving as usual a true and neat Hamon
  • Nagasa: 29.92″
  • Kassane: 0.17″
  • Moto Haba: 1. 13″
  • Saki Haba: 0.93″
  • Hamon: Gunome Midare
  • Mune: Ihari not steep
  • Sori: Tori 0.71″
  • Point: Chu Kissaki, in bulb shape according to Yamato criterions
  • Boshi: Komaru Sagari
  • Nakago: file marks are Takano ha style
  • Habaki: is double. First is tempered copper adjusted on the blade, partly covered by the second which is brass engraved in starshower.
  • Seppas: filed brass
  • Tsuba: Kiku Gata shape style. Blackened polished iron. Hollowed out in positive Sukashi, the theme is leaves and bamboos
  • Tsuka: length 11.10″. White Same with big scale entirely wrapps the hilt. Japanese silk is braided in Katate Maki style. Double Shishi bronze Menukis. Conical Bamboo Mekugi meant for avoiding loose handle. Fushi with rim is aged Nanako style iron. Kashira is nicely designed in Kabuto Kane style aged Nanako iron. Filed brass Ito Domes. Thickness 0.87″, width 1. 30″
  • Saya: Black glossy granulous lacquer adorned with green austrich leather. Kojiri, Koigushi, Kurigata are buffalo horn. Shito Domes are filed brass
  • Balance point: 5.24″ before Tsuba
  • Weight: 38.16oz
  • Can be fully disassembled

Entirely handmade by CITADEL
Blade carries lifetime guarantee subjected to normal use in a Dojo
Delivered with its silk Sageo, its textile Bukuro and its fabric zippered carrying pouch with adjustable strap and a pocket for cleaning kit (not provided).