Katana Citadel mottled red

An extra light, beautiful Katana ideal for Iaido where weight is a major concern. Nicely curved. Grooved blade with a magnificent viper head bulbed point.


Super light, beautiful Katana ideal for Iaido when weight is a major concern. Nicely curved.

  • Superb grooved blade light and yet strong thanks to its Yamato geometry DNH7 steel, hand forged with 3 hammers on a charcoal bed. True selective clay temper. As always with CITADEL a magnificent “viper head”, bulbed point
  • Hamon: Gunome Midare
  • Mune: medium Iori
  • Point: Chu Kissaki
  • Tori Sori: 0.87″
  • Nagasa: 30.63″
  • Kassane: 0.22″
  • Moto haba: 1.22″
  • Saki Haba: 0.91″
  • Nakago: Takano Ha Double
  • Habaki: first one is forged on its blade and reinforced with bronze foil on edge side. The second is gilded brass displaying an engraving representing a starshower.
  • Seppas: filed brass
  • Tsuba: aged iron, Mokko Gata style. A nice open work for a gain of lightness
  • Tsuka: 10.94″, white Same, Bronze bow and Banner Menukis. Bamboo conical Mekugi is tangent to Mekugi Ana in order to avoid loose work. Fushi-Kashira are aged iron engraved en suite in Nanako style. Japanese silk Tsukaito braided in Ineri Maki, filed brass Ito Domes Saya: non siliceous Jackwood; glossy, smooth, black lacquer mottled with red spots. Kurigata, Koigushi are made of water buffalo horn. Filed brass Shito Domes
  • Weight: 33.50oz
  • Balance point: 5.31″ahead of Tsuba
  • Can be fully disassembled

Entirely handmade by CITADEL
Blade carries lifetime guarantee subjected to normal use in a Dojo
Delivered with its silk Sageo, its textile Bukuro and its fabric zippered carrying pouch with adjustable strap and a pocket for cleaning kit (not provided).