Katana Citadel Haruna

Citadel “Katana HARUNA” is a beautiful sword with a well curved grooved blade. Simple but very elegant Koshirae. Lacquered saya accented with dark red ostrich leather. UNIQUE PIECE

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This sword is UNIQUE.
Elegant blade with groove, moderate weight and curved. Yamato geometry. Hand-forged XC75 steel, true selective quenching with clay and traditional stone polishing.

  • Nagasa : 710mm
  • Kassane : 6mm
  • Moto Haba : 31mm
  • Saki Habe : 26mm
  • Sori : 25mm
  • Tsuka: Rikko shape ( very slightly curved toward the center). 11.34″, thickness 0.91″, width 1.38″ in the middle. Big grain white same. Menukis camelia, Meguki conical bamboo tangent to Meguki Ana, in order to avoid loosing, Fushi- Kashira aged iron and surfaced in Nanako. Gold / black silk braiding in katate Maki, Ito Domes double filed brass.
  • Tsuba, Fuchi and kashira : aged iron. Nanako type ring and picket
  • Saya : Non- siliceous Jackfruir wood, partially covered with ostrich paw leather and black lacquer. Kurigata Kojiri, koigushi are made of water buffalo horn. Filed brass double Shito Domes
  • Mune: Iori little steep
  • Pointe : aggressive, Chu Kissaki, Boshi Komaru Hagari
  • Seppas : filed brass
  • Nakago : Takano Ha
  • Habaki : polished copper, grooved and fitted on the blade. Reinforced by a bronze plaque on the cutting edge
  • Balance point : 4.72″ in front of the Tsuba
  • Weight 36.9 Oz

Entirely handmade by CITADEL
Delivered with Bukuro and carrying pouch.
*Blade carries lifetime guarantee subjected to normal use in a Dojo