Citadel "Vannak #2" Hunting Knife

An elegant hunting knife with beautiful shaped. High carbon steel blade, veined rosewood handle with red fiber spacers. Oil stain on the sheath justifies the discount.

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Citadel “Vannak #2” is a very nice hunting knife. Beautiful rosewood handle with red fiber spacers, leather, pommel and guard are polished steel. Handmade by Citadel.

  • Handmade XC75 carbon steel blade with ridges, selective quenching. Length 92.4mm, thickness 4.2mm, width 29.3mm
  • Full tang handle mounted on veined rosewood, nickel silver pegs. Thickness 23.5mm, width 29.3mm
  • Overall 195mm, weight 159gr
  • Leather belt sheath

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