Citadel Torpedo Bone Zebra Folding Knife

Citadel folder liner lock EDC knife, N690Co Böhler stainless steel broken shaped blade.  A bigger variant of our Giaponino. Notched thumb rest with buffalo bone engraving scales.


Pictures are of available product
Big version of our Giaponino, this Citadel Torpedo is  very nice with the combination of natural buffalo bone scales and red fiber spacers.

  • Handmade blade mounted on bronze-beryllium rings with “broken” shaped. Notched thumb rest. Adjustable tightening. Black hammer N690Co Böhler steel fully quenched. Length 71.7mm, thickness in middle 3.1mm, width 24.8mm.
  • Stainless steel frame with engraving buffalo bone scales maintained by 3 screws, full  filework on the back and red fiber spacers. Thickness 19.2mm, width 24.9mm. Custom lanyard.
  • Length open 171mm, weight 164gr

Entirely handmade by CITADEL
Delivered in a protective pouch and gift box