Citadel Tanto “YAE YAMA”- Japanese style Knife.

A gorgeous Citadel Tanto- traditional Japanese weapon. 1075 carbon steel blade Shobu Zukuri type with true differential clay quenching, beautiful temper line visible and clear. Saya glossy black lacquered with 5 grooves near the Koigushi and tsuka braiding Ineri maki Japanese silk. Entirely handmade by Citadel.


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Beautiful tanto- handforged blade with traditional Japanese stone polishing. UNIQUE piece. 

  • Nagasa 265mmn
  • Kassane 6.5mm
  • Moto haba 31mm
  • Copper Habaki, engraved fitted on the blade. Reinforced by a bronze sheet.
  • Polished and blackened iron Tsuba, Hamidashi type with Kozuka Itsu
  • Tsuka length 143mm, jackwood wrapped in white Same high quality grain with big scale. Meguki bamboo, menuki in alloy. Tsuka Ito is black Japanese silk braid in Ineri Maki style. Fushi-kashira pure iron, salt bronzes and surfaced in Nanako. Ito Dome are made with a double leaf filed brass
  • Seppas : filed brass
  • Saya is non silicous jackwood, black lacquer. Koigushi, Kojiri, Kurigata are water buffalo horn
  • Length total 433mm. Weight 494gr

Entirely disassemblable
Delivered in its silk sleeve and fabric, zipped, lined storage pouch