Citadel Tanto Tsuki No Nai- Japanese Knife

A beautiful blade in shobu zukuri with grooves. Polished and blackened iron Fushi-Kashira, engraved with floral motifs stylist. Black lacquer saya. This Tanto is entirely handmade by CITADEL. Unique piece.


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Tanto Citadel, traditional Japanese weapon, with grooves Shobu Zukuri type blade.

  • Hand-forged blade of XC75 carbon steel, selective clay quenching. visible temper line.
  • Nagasa:  240mm
  • Kassane:  5,3mm
  • Moto haba: 29.1 mm
  • Mune:  Iori little steep
  • Hamon: Gunome
  • Boshi Komaru Sagari
  • Habaki: copped with the grooves, hardened copper, forged on the blade.
  • Tsuba: Polished and blackened iron, Hamidashi type with Kozuka Itsu.
  • Seppas: filed brass
  • Tsuka: length 120mm. Non-siliquous jackfruit wood covered with white big grain same, Japanese silk braided in  Ineri maki stype. Menuki shishi in alloy. Bamboo Mekugi. Fushi-Kashira in polished and blackened iron, engraving floral motifs. Ito dome in guilloche brass.
  • Saya in non-siliceous jackfruit wood covered with smooth black lacquer. Kurigata, Koigushi and Kojiri in water buffalo horn.
  • Total length: 387 mm, weight 321 gr

Delivered in its silk sleeve and its transport case