Citadel Tanto "Hoshi" Japanese Style Knife

Citadel is one of only a handful of sword makers worldwide that still produces fittings in this manner.
Each piece is therefore unique and held to a high standard of excellence.


This Citadel Tanto “Hoshi” is very elegant and original. Hira Zukuri structure blade, without camber (Mu sori), hand forged. A part on the spine thinned down in order to obtain balance and lightness without affecting the solidity. True selective clay quenching

  • Nagasa: 245mm
  • Kassane: 5.1mm
  • Moto haba: 30mm
  • Hamon Gunome with Boshi Yakitsume
  • Mune Iori little steep.
  • Habaki copper fitted to its blade
  • Patinated iron tsuba, Itsu Ana, Guilloche brass Seppas Tsuka in wood sheath of shagreen and braid of Japanese silk in ineri maki. Mekugi buffalo horn. Menukis bronze lizard. Fushi engraved with flowers and Kashira in aged iron. Ito Domes guilloche brass, Tsukaito silk Hineri maki. Length 125mm, middle width 38mm.
  •  Jackfruit wood saya covered with shiny black lacquer and decorated with a golden Mon. Koigushi, Kojiri, Kurigata made of buffalo horn. Shito Domes guilloche brass
  • Total length 392mm, weight 388gr

Entirely handmade by CITADEL, fully removable.
Delivered in its silk sleeve and its transport case