Citadel Tanto Damascus “SHIMAKAZE”- Japanese Style Knife.

Citadel Tanto damascus with beautiful glittery black lacquer Saya ( Scabbard ), ostrich leg leather inlay. Hand forged by Citadel. Tsuka is wrapped by Same with big scale. Unique piece.


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A beautiful Tanto with carbon damascus steel blade entirely handmade by Citadel.

  • Nagasa: 230mm
  • Kasanne : 5.5mm
  • Moto haba : 29.5mm
  • Habaki : copper fitted to its blade, engraved with a shower of stars.
  • Patinated iron tsuba. Guilloche brass Seppas.
  • Tsuka: Jackfruit wood wrapped over its entire surface by a white Same, with big scale, braid of Japanese silk in ineri maki. Bamboo Meguki. Alloy menuki, fuchi and kashira.
  • Saya glitter black lacquer, ostrich leg leather inlay. Shito Dome in double guilloche brass sheet. Water buffalo horn koigushi, kojiri, kurigata.
  • Length total 380mm, weight 334gr
  • Fully removable and delivered in his bukuro and transport case.