Citadel Tanto Blade in Shira Saya- Sralao

A beautiful Citadel Tanto blade in Shira Saya. Saya and tsuka are made of sralao (Lagerstroemia) wood. Blade without groove, traditional stone polishing, very nice Hamon clear visibale. Unique piece.


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A  beautiful Tanto blade in Shira Saya, Japanse style entirely handmade by Citadel.

  • Slightly curved, solid, hand-forged blade.
  • Hamon: gunome / Midare clearly visible.
  • Nagasa: 261mm
  • Kassane: 5.9mm
  • Habaki: polished copper
  • Meguki, Fushi and Koigushi: water buffalo horn
  • Saya and Tsuka are made from Sralao wood (Lagerstroemia).
  • Total Length 420mm. Weight: 417gr

Delivered in its silk sleeve and its transport case.