Citadel Tanto Blade in Shira Saya- Jackwood

Citadel Shira saya Tanto blade made in Jackwood for both handle and scabbard. Blade with a gentle curve, without groove. Tradional stone polishing and very nice temper line. Unique piece


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A very nice Citadel shira saya Tanto blade, Japanese style entirely handmade

  • Yamato blade, little curved, without grooves, hand forged. Well-suited for Tameshigeri or Iaïdo.
  • Nagasa: 1.10″
  • Habaki: Copper engraved with shower of stars
  • Fushi and Koigushi: water buffalo horn
  • Mekugi: water buffalo horn
  • Saya and tsuka made from beautiful jackwood.
  • Full length 17.40″. Weight: 14.39 Oz

Entirely handmade by CITADEL
Delivered with its silk  and carrying pouch