Citadel Sword blade in Shira Saya

Beautiful shira saya sword blade, without grooves shinogi sukuri blade, hand forged XC75 carbon steel, true selective clay tempering. Unique piece


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A very nice handmade Citadel Shira Saya Katana blade, visible temper line. The saya and tsuka are made of Sralao wood. Entirely handmade by CITADEL.

  • Yamato blade, little curved, without groove, hand forged, traditional stone polishing.
  • Nagasa : 74.5cm
  • Hamon : Sugu/ Midare, clearly visible.
  • Nagako : Takano Ha
  • Habaki : polished copper
  • Fushi and Koigushi are make of water buffalo horn
  • Meguki : bamboo
  • Saya and Tsuka are made from Sralao wood (Lagerstroemia)
  • Total length 104.5cm
  • Weight : 1 043gr

Delivered in its silk sleeve and storage pouch