Citadel "Super Jap Stinger" Japanese Knife

An elegant Japanese-style dagger,  double edge, DNH7 carbon steel blade, hand-forged. Bamboo handle and sheath, aged iron guard. Unique piece.


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Little  beautiful Japanese dagger all handmade by Citadel.

  • DNH7 carbon steel blade, hand-forged and true differential clay quenching, with central ridge and double edge, visible hamon. Length 110mm, width 23.6mm.
  • Tempered copper Habaki and aged iron tsuba.
  • Bamboo handle, buffalo horn Fushi Kashira, bamboo meguki. Length 100mm, width 23.6mm
  • Bamboo sheath with buffalo horn Kojiri and Koigushi.
  • Full length 228mm, weight 130gr

Delivered in its silk Bukuro and storage pouch