Citadel “Stavanger Woodcock”- Folding Knife.

A little liner lock folder, one side of its Elforyn ivory like handle is engraved ( scrimshaw) with a woodcock. Handmade stainless N690Co Böhler steel blade, integral temper, polished. Unique piece.


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  • Handmade, fully tempered N690Co Böhler stainless steel blade, polished, mounted on bronze-beryllium washers, with hand chiseled spine. Adjustable tightening. Length 70mm, thickness 2.6mm and width 22.3mm
  •  Z40C13 frame and disassemblable scales made of white Elforyn (ivory like). One is engraved with a woodcock by the artist Vasko Ivanov. Red synthétic spacers. Back is sculpted en suite with the blade. Thickness 15.8mm and width 22.7mm.
  • Overall length 167mm, weight 119gr

Entirely handmade by CITADEL
Delivered in a protective pouch and gift box.