Citadel Kukri Gurkha with steel Pommel- Fixed blade knife.

A utility version of the Nepalese combat knife. Citadel gurkha kukri is extremely useful around camp or on a hunt, the knife can be used quite effectively for combat if needed. 1075carbon steel blade, beautiful veined rosewood handle. Leather sheath has tasks- aesthetic defect that it has a special price.

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Very robust, multipurpose knife.

  • 1075 hand forged,  carbon steel blade with true differential quenching and forge finish. Length 215mm, thickness 7mm.
  • Full tang, contoured handle, wood scales with 6 nickel silver pegs and stainless steel pommel.
  • Overall 350mm, weight 566gr
  • Leather belt sheath with synthetic lanyard and button.

Entirely handmade by CITADEL.
Delivered in its storage pouch.