Citadel Katana Super Yagu+

A discreetly beautiful saber. Grooved blade. Koshirae is enhanced by a beautiful work on the bronzes. Saya black lacquer. A little rust unharmed on the blade and a discoloration of the same around the mekugi are the cause of the EXCEPTIONAL PRICE.            


This katana is no more available

  • Thin point blade, grooved in Sugata Shinto, light weight and slightly arched. Yamato geometry. Hand forged XC75 steel, true selective clay tempering. Stone polishing
  • Nagasa : 712 mm
  • Kassane : 6 mm
  • Moto Haba : 30.5mm
  • Saki Haba : 20 mm
  • Tori Sori : 13 mm
  • Hamon :  Gunome Midare bien visible
  • Mune : Iori little steep
  • Pointe : agressive, Chu Kissaki, Boshi Komaru Hagari
  • Nakago : Takano Ha
  • Habaki : single tempered copper forged on the blade
  • Seppas : guilloche brass
  • Tsuba : stylized lotus flower in Sukashi
  • Tsuka : White same with big grain, Menuki Yamori, Mekugi conical bamboo tangent to Mekugi Ana to facilitate the resumption of the game. Fushi-Kashira in chiseled bronze, Ineri Maki silk braiding, Ito Dome double sheet of guilloché brass.
  • Saya: black lacquer jackfruit wood. Kurigata Kojiri, Koigushi are made of water buffalo horn. Shito Dome double brass sheet.
  • Weight : 930gr
  • Balance point : 110mm infront of the Tsuba

Can be fully disassembled
Blade carries lifetime guarantee subjected to normal use in a Dojo
Delivered with its silk Bukuro and its fabric zippered carrying pouch