Citadel Katana “HARUSAME”- Japanese Sword.

A sword with a long and powerful blade. Hand forged 1075 carbon steel blade with grooves, true differential clay quenching. Iron Tsuba (Sukashi) . Saya lacquered black shiny decorated with 7 grooves near the Koigushi then fine black granular. Entirely handmade by CITADEL.


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This Katana should satisfy both aesthetic lovers and fencers. A katana of a reasonable weight and well balanced.

  • Beautiful curved blade with grooves. 1075 carbon steel, hand forged blade, true differential clay quenching. Stone polishing.
  • Nagasa : 730mm.
  • Kassane :  6mm
  • Moto Haba : 31mm.
  • Saki Haba : 23mm.
  • Sori : 25mm
  • Hamon : gunome midare, clear visible.
  • Mune : Iori little tip.
  • Pointe : agressive, Chu Kissaki,
  • Nakago : Takano Ha
  • Habaki : copper forged on the blade.
  • Seppas : guilloche copper.
  • Tsuba : iron( Sukashi)
  • Tsuka : 280mm, large scale same. Mekugi conical bamboo, Iron Fushi-Kashira  and black Japanese silk braiding, Ito Dome double sheet of guilloché brass.
  • Saya: jackfruit wood, black lacquer. Kurigata, Koigushi are made of water buffalo horn. Iron Kojiri. Shito Dome double brass sheet.
  • Weight: 1080gr.
  • Can be fully disassembled
  • Blade carries lifetime guarantee subjected to normal use in a Dojo
    Delivered in his Bukuro and  carrying pouch.