Citadel "Danang #2" Banksia folding Knife

A liner lock folder hand made by Ciatdel. This knife is very nice with red stabilized banksia pod scales and stainless steel blade. 


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“Danang #2” is a beautiful liner lock pocket knife from Ciatdel.

  • Handmade N690co Böhler stainless steel blade fully quenched and mounted on beryllium-bronze rings. Length 92.6mm, middle thickness 3.2mm and width 24.5mm. Adjustable tightening.
  • Handle frame is stainless Z40C13 steel. Disassemblable red stabilized banksia pod scales. Guilloché on spine and white fiber spacers. Middle thickness 19mm, width 25.4mm
  • Length open 212mm, weight 159gr

Delivered in a protective pouch and gift box