Citadel Dagger "Tannenberg" Hunting Knife.

This double edge dagger has a sleek and deadly beauty, entirely handmade by CITADEL.


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Citadel dagger ” Tannenberg” is a big hunting knife with timeless shape, simple and efficient.

  • Central ridge blade, double-edged hand forged XC75 steel, oil quenched, length 213mm, thickness 5.5mm, width 31mm.
  • Stacked leather ring handle, the  tang goes all the way through and ends by a  stainless steel pommel held in place by a bronze button screwed onto the tang’s back tip. Polished stainless steel guard. Thickness 24.2mm, width 31.5mm.
  • Total length 350mm, weight 330gr
  • Ambidextrous leather sheath with loop, lanyard with buffalo bone button.

Delivered in its carrying case