Citadel Aizto Medium- Friction folding Knife #2

Friction folder, medium size. Handmade blade in XC75 carbon steel, partially chiseled back and buffalo horn handle. Entirely handmade by CITADEL.


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Citadel “Aizto” is a friction pocket knife, lightweight, it’s perfect for an EDC knife.

  • Hand forged blade mounted on nylon washers. Differentially hardened XC75 carbon steel, brut de forge. Partially hand chiseled on spine. Adjustable tightening. Length 75.7mm, thickness 3.3mm and width 22.5mm.
  • Water buffalo horn handle, copper jacketed eyelet for lanyard. Thickness 16.6mm and width 20.7mm.
  • Open length 175mm, weight 65gr.

Delivered in a protective pouch and gift box