Citadel “Aikuchi Mozu” Damascus – Japanese Knife

A big Japanese knife, striped damascus steel blade with grooves, handforged. Tsuka full wrapped in gray shagreen, beautiful glitter black lacquered saya. 


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Citadel is one of only a handful of sword makers worldwide that still produces fittings in this manner.
Each piece is therefore unique and held to a high standard of excellence. This Aikuchi is not an exceptional : elegant and Unique Piece.

  • Nagasa : 239mm, carbon damascus steel with grooved blade, handmade.
  • Tsuka: 148mm, jackfruit wood full wrapped by grey stingray. Menuki made by brass.
  • Kugirata, koiguchi, kashira, fuchi, meguki made of buffalo horn.
  • Habaki : tempered copper.
  • Black lacquer saya with glitter.
  • Length total 405mm, weight 361gr.

Delivered in silk Bukuro and a storage pouch.
Entirely handmade by CITADEL