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Table Knife

It's important for table knives to look good — but if they are sharp also, then what more to ask for?
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Chef knife DUE CIGNI
31.00 € 
Steak knife DUE CIGNI
12.00 € 
Steak knife banksia CITADEL
163.00 € 
Efficient and luxurious big steak knife. Finally a knife which cuts! Handmade blade with forge finish. Brown and blue banksia handle, chiseled back.
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Steak knife bamboo without sheath CITADEL
124.00 € 
Efficient and luxurious steak knife, DNH7 carbon steel blade with differential quenching. Bamboo handle and peg
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Cutting set sra lao Kitchen knife CITADEL
254.00 € 
A durable stylish cutting set: hotcho big and fork, lagerstroemia handle
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