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Straight knife

Straight knife, with a great range of uses : from hunting to throwing, by way of fighting and training, and always bushcraft and outdoor. Forged steel blades, carbon, stainless or damask. Handles made of wood, natural or rare or stabilized, of horn, bone, composite material, rayskin, brands CITADEL, KIZLYAR SUPREME, FOX

Carbon or stainless steel kitchen knives, to prepare everything. From the small paring knife to the big Sushi knife. Sharp knives, at last !
It's important for table knives to look good — but if they are sharp also, then what more to ask for?
Japanese style. Forged blades mounted in the respect of japanese tradition, Kaïken small self defense knives, Shira Saya blades with wooden mountings, Tanto knives with a tsuba, Aikuchi without a tsuba
Straight knife with generally a double edge, specialized for hunting
A bushcraft/outdoor knife is a versatile cutting tool, designed for open air, for trekking, trail, camping, special operations or survival.
A hunting knife is used during hunting for preparing the game to be used as food : skinning the animal and cutting up the meat. Some are adapted for other uses in the wild.
Straight knives, usually small- or medium-sized, though sometimes bigger, combining the necessary practicality of an everyday tool and elegance of materials and shapes.
You will find here our selection of tactical knives: knives with one or more military features designed for use in extreme situations, but designed to be used more as a utility tool than as a weapon.
A neck knife is made to be worn on a cord hanging from the neck. It means a small fixed-blade knife which is carried by means of a cord, by which its sheath is suspended
A throwing knife is designed so that its weight and shape will allow it to be effective when thrown.
CITADEL blades only, for custom makers. Quality blades for those who want to make their own knife while avoiding the forging problems.
Here are all our straight knives items, regardless of their intended use, whether they are Citadel or Kizlyar Suprme or another brand. Almost all products unavailable can be ordered with a manufactiring period or resupplied regularly.
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