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Revue de presse Citadel Review of the Citadel Chantha 21 janvier 2016
The Citadel Chantha is one of the best knives I've ever tested. It looks great, it's well made, it opens and closes smoothly and locks with mechanical precision, it handles well even when slick with blood or bear fat, it showed up sharp and stayed that way for a long time, and it cleans up very well. Oh, and the blade is very well-shaped for skinning.

Blade Magazin january 2016
CITADEL RATANAKIRI - is an excellent example of rural Asian-style knifemaking. It is 15.625 inches long with a 9.75-inch blade. Hammer marks on the flats give the blade the village-made/working-knife look. Early on while Europeans were settling the North American continent,the common knife carried by the frontiersman was nothing more than a kitchen-style model. As trappers started moving inland and getting farther from settlements and people, they became more dependent on themselves. This was especially true when it came to selfdefense. In the age of black powder, you had only one shot—maybe two—if you carried a pistol. After that, it was largely hand-to-hand. The answer was the camp knife. It was large and handy for self-defense. Since every ounce counts, the camp knife often was employed to do more work, such as light chopping and such.

l'Echo du Cambodge janvier 2015
CITADEL fabrique couteaux et sabres à la main au Cambodge. Les objets tranchants produits dans l'atelier ne sont pas seulement destinés à quelque collectionneur averti en mal d'orner les murs de son salon, ils possèdent une utilité pratique...
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