Tsuba Citadel 28 for Japanese Katana

Tsuba n°28 Citadel, iron, Tate Maru Gata shape.Hand sculpted in low relief with flowers and foliated scrolls on the circumference. Wa Mimi. One piece of a kind

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Beautiful non aged iron Tsuba hand sculpted in low relief.

  • Shape is Tate Maru Gata, with rim (Wa Mimi), Decorated with flowers and foliated scrolls on the circumference of Omote side and more discretly on Ura side, both on a Nanako style background.
  • Nakago Ana with copper Sekigane. Two Itsu Ana. Signature.
  • Height 82mm, width 83mm, weight 170gr

Entirely handmade by CITADEL.
Delivered in its silk sleeve

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