SMP survival pouch Kizlyar Supreme

Survival pouch to deal with an unexpected situation. Includes 22 tools to expect the unexpected in all environments.



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In order to deal with an unexpected situation you do not need to lug around a heavy backpack. You need knowledge and items hand-picked by survival experts. This is where the SMP1 survival kit comes in handy. Weighting 7.62oz and sized 5.79 x 2.32 x 1.57″, it includes 22 tools one would need to expect the unexpected in urban and outdoor environments – from arranging an unplanned overnight, starting a fire and building a shelter to providing emergency medical assistance and of course sewing a torn off button. The kit is easy to carry around. The MOLLE compatible SMP1 can easily be installed onto belt, back pack or webbing. SMP1 is intended to provide confidence and comfort in various non-standard situations. And it does just that. Our survival kit can also be installed onto front MOLLE side of any Tactical Echelon and Outdoor Series knives – this way you will get a survival knife with an outstanding kit. Basically, coupled with any knife, with this survival kit you may even turn that emergency night outdoors into a romantic overnight.

  1. Tin box for safe carrying with reflective surface for signaling 5.71 × 2.36 × 1.65″
  2. Surgical razor blade, 2 pieces
  3. Fire starter kit
  4. Medical cotton wool, can be used for fire starting
  5. Emergency water purification pills. 4 pieces in a sealed container. Use 1 piece for each 1 litre of water, shake 1 minute, wait 5 minutes, shake again before drinking
  6. Compass
  7. Survival whistle
  8. Wire saw with comfortable rings
  9. Brass wire, 3.28 feet
  10. Magnifying glass
  11. Bandage, 2 pieces
  12. Alcohol pad 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, 2 pieces
  13. Wound pad 1.97 × 1.97″, 1 piece
  14. Condom, 1 piece
  15. Fishing Line (13.12 feet) and 3 fishing hooks : 3#(for 0.1kg-1akg fish), 8#(1kg-5kg), 11#(over 10kg), 1 piece each
  16. Sealed bottle, 1 piece
  17. Safety Pins, 5 pieces
  18. Candle, 1 piece
  19. Waterproof matches, 8 pieces
  20. Sewing kit with 3 pieces of sewing pins and 16.40 feet line
  21. 11 in 1 multifunction card knife in a pouch (blade, saw, ruler, screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener and other)
  22. Ballistic nylon pouch 50.05 × 23.62 × 15.75