Pocket Knife Citadel Trident bleu

Citadel “Trident”, this liner lock foder has a beautiful stabilized pine cone with blue resin scales, filework along the back with black fiber spacers. N690Co Böher stainless steel blade, with forge finish and notched thumb rest. Unique piece.


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A stylish liner lock knife.

  • Handmade blade mounted on bronze-beryllium rings. N690Co Böhler stainless steel with a rough quenching. Partially notched spine for better thumb grip, adjustable tightening. Length 3.46″, middle thickness 0.12″, width 0.86″
  • Frame is Z40C13 stainless steel filework along the back, braided leather lanyard, disassemblable scales made of stabilized pine cone in blue resin. Middle thickness 0.65″, middle width 0.89″
  • Length open 8.15″, weight 4.52Oz

Entirely handmade by CITADEL.
Delivered in a protective pouch and gift box