Japanese Knife Citadel Susume bati big bronze black

Big Susume Bati, traditional straightKaïkenknife in the Japanese style. Polished steel blade with central ridge, double edge. Hamon in Gunome style, copper Habaki. Tsuka handle wrapped in black Same rayskin. Glossy, smooth, black lacquered jackwood saya.

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Big Susume Bati, straight Kaïken knife in the Japanese style, a beautiful and precious object.

  • Hand-forged DNH7 carbon steel blade with double edge and central ridge, differential temper giving a beautiful Hamon in Gunome style, length 157mm, thickness of ridges at Habaki 8mm, width 33mm
  • Habaki : tempered copper
  • Fushi-Kashira : lost wax cast bronze
  • Tsuka : jackwood wrapped in black-tinted Same (rayskin)
  • Mekugi : water buffalo horn
  • Saya : Glossy, smooth, black lacquered jackwood.
  • Koigushi : Lost wax cast bronze
  • Overall 283mm, weight 392gr, with saya

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Entirely handmade by CITADEL.
Delivered in its silk sleeve and storage pouch.