Citadel “Phan Thiet UHU”- Friction Folding Knife

A  friction folder, hand forged carbon steel blade, differential quenching. One scale is finely engraved with a splendid an owl by our artist Vasko Ivanov. Unique Piece.

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Pictures are of available product

  • Flattened lever blade, hand forged and mounted on nylon washers. XC75 carbon steel, rough forge, differential quenching. Adjustable tightening. Length 78.3mm,  thickness 3.3mm, width 24.9mm.
  • Buffalo horn scales, partially engraved steel spacer, all maintained by 3 nickel silver rivets. An owl’s image is engraved with scrimshaw method on one scale. Thickness 17.7mm, width 29.5mm
  • Open length 181mm, weight 104gr

Entirely handmade by CITADEL.
Delivered in a protective pouch and gift box