Citadel "Okibati Ebony" Japanese style Knife

Individually crafted from start to finish, every piece at Citadel is unique. This OKibati knife is one of their amazing work with carbon steel blade, nice tempering line. The Saya (scabbard) and the tsuka (handle) are made of ebony wood. This is a beautiful knife.  Entirely handmade by CITADEL.


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Japanese style knife.

  • DNH7 carbon steel blade, hand forged, Shobu Zukuri shape, true differential clay quenching.
  • Nagasa:  165mm,
  • Kassane : 5.3mm
  • Hamon : Gunome
  • Habaki : copper tempering
  • Tsuka and Saya : ebony wood
  • Meguki, Fushi et Koigushi are made of water buffalo horn
  • Total length 288mm, weight 289gr
  • Entirely disassemblable

Delivered in Bukuro and storage pouch.