Citadel Higonokami Aquatic Folding knife

A Citadel Friction folder, hand forged XC75 carbon steel blade with selective quenching. Buffalo horn handle, very nice one. 


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A medium size pocket knife without locking system. This handy Citadel Higonokami friction folder is perfect for your EDC knife. 

  • DNH7 hand forged carbon steel blade with selective quenching and forge finish. Clipped point, buckled lever. Length 75.8mm thickness in middle.3mm Width 19.3mm. Adjustable tightening.
  • Water buffalo horn handle. Copper lined eyelet. Middle thickness 13mm, middle width 21.3mm
  • Length open 180mm, weight 70gr
  • All handmade by Citadel

Delivered in a protective pouch and gift box