Citadel “Bergen Liloh”- Hunting Knife.

A small fixed blade knife with its pretty leather sheath, can be carried in a vertical or horizontal position. Rose wood handle and 1075 forged carbon steel blade. 


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Citadel’s Bergen gets a lot of cutting performance out of a small knife that’s small and light enough to forget about until needed. Entirely handmade by Citadel.

  • Polished blade, hand forged in XC75 carbon steel, notched thumb rest, false eadge unsharp. Length 93mm including ricasso, thickness 3.6mm and width 30.57mm.
  • Full tang, rose wood handle fixed by three nickel silver rivets. Copper lined eyelet. Thickness 18.5mm, width 24.45mm
  • Overall 180mm, weight 128gr
  • Leather belt sheath

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