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Katana - Sword - Axe

Here you can find : Katana, Shira saya, Wakizashi, Daisho, Sabre, American Secession War, Middleage or Roman Sword, Broadsword, Axe and Tomahawk. They are made of carbon or stainless steel. Sometimes Damask steel or handmade by craftmen. Several are unique pieces, with noble materials as rayskin. You can imagine and order your own model...

Guaranteed quality Katana and Wakizashi completely handmade in a Cambodian craft forge, and according to the rule book. The only serious alternative to the costly japanese production. FREE SHIPPING
Roman or middle-age sword was reserved for experimented warriors and became their symbol. It was attributed sacred or supernatural powers.
A glaive is a short sword, used by ancient Roman foot soldiers from 3rd century BC. All gladius types appear to have been suitable for thrusting.
Axe was, in its most common form, an arm-length weapon borne in one or both hands. Compared to a sword swing, it delivered more cleaving power against a smaller target area, making it more effective against armour, due to concentrating more of its weight in the axehead.
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