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Katana Maintenance

It is essential to perform regular maintenance of your katana's carbon steel blade, in order to avoid rust spots. You will find here the necessary materials, as a kit or in individual pieces.
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Red lacquered box
180.00 € 
Luxury Katana cleaning red lacquered box with ideograms meaning : Katana cleaning kit. Black bottom has rubber pads to avoid scrashes. Inside is black.
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Katana cleaning kit Japon
46.00 € 
Japanese kit in cardboard box with what is needed for cleaning your carbon blade. Including pin punch, oil, powder and special paper.
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Choji oil Japon
15.00 € 
Small 20cc bottle of Choji (clove) oil for your Japanese style blades: katana, wakizashi, tanto, etc... or other carbon steel blades. Comes in a small cardboard box.
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Mekugi Nuki Japon
12.00 € 
Susudake mekugi bamboo Japon
20.00 € 
For making your Mekugi (Tsuka peg). Each piece of this traditionnal, dry Japanese bamboo will provide around 10 Mekugis.
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Uchiko Japon
10.00 € 
Powder for cleaning the katana blade
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