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Japanese Katana gunba

Katana gunba CITADEL
2 600.00 € 
"Although big and imposing this katana is not to heavy but handy thanks to its Yamato geometry. Koshirae is about horse Shinto style, curved, full blade with a regular Sugata
  • DNH7 steel hand forged with 3 hammers on a charcoal bed, true differential clay temper. Two shades stone polishing: ""miror"" on Shinogi Ji and mat on Ji
  • Nagasa: 33""
  • Kassane: 0.137""
  • Tori Sori: . 0.94""
  • Moto Haba: 1.18""
  • Saki Haba: 0.98""
  • Hamon: Gunome Midare
  • Point: beautiful and agressive, ""viper"" shape, Chu Kissaki nearly Ho
  • Mune: gently sloped Ihari
  • Habaki: tempered copper forged on the blade; reinforced with a Bronze foil on edge side
  • Seppas: Filed brass
  • Tsuba: Maru Gata, aged iron. Decorated with a horse in negative Sukashi
  • Tsuka: length 11.14"", non silicous Jackwood entirely wrapped in top grain Same. Tsukaito is Ineri Maki with Japanese black silk. Menukis are horse gilded alloy. Bamboo Mekugi tangent to Mekugi Ana in order to avoid loose work. Fushi-Kashira are grooved polished, aged iron. Ito Domes are made of two brass, filed foils
  • Saya: Jackwood lacquered in glossy, smooth black. Koigushi, Kojiri, Kurigata are water buffalo horn. Shito Domes are made of 2 foils of filed brass
  • Weight: 37.46oz
  • Overall 44.29""
  • Can be fully disassembled
Entirely handmade by CITADEL
Blade carries lifetime guarantee subjected to normal use in a Dojo
Delivered with its silk Sageo, its textile Bukuro and its fabric zippered carrying pouch with adjustable strap and a pocket for cleaning kit (not provided). Free shipping"
Item ID : CD_K100-Gunba

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Katana cleaning kit Japon
58.00 €
Japanese Katanas Cleaning Kit - Japon

Japanese kit in cardboard box with what is needed for cleaning your carbon blade. Including pin punch, oil, powder and special paper.
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Red lacquered box
180.00 €
Japanese Katanas Red lacquered box for cleaning kit

Luxury Katana cleaning red lacquered box with ideograms meaning : Katana cleaning kit. Black bottom has rubber pads to avoid scrashes. Inside is black.
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Susudake mekugi bamboo Japon
35.00 €
Japanese Katanas Susudake mekugi bamboo - Japon

For making your Mekugi (Tsuka peg). Each piece of this traditionnal, dry Japanese bamboo will provide around 10 Mekugis.
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Choji oil Japan
16.00 €
Japanese Katanas Choji oil - Japon

Small 20cc bottle of Choji (clove) oil for your Japanese style blades: katana, wakizashi, tanto, etc... or other carbon steel blades. Comes in a small cardboard box.
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Mekugi Nuki Japon
16.00 €
Japanese Katanas Mekugi Nuki - Japon

Disassemblable peg remover.
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Uchiko Japon
12.00 €
Japanese Katanas Uchiko - Japon

Powder for cleaning the katana blade
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