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Friction folding Knife

A friction folder is a folding knife that doesn’t use a lock or springs. It uses the handle’s friction against the tang to stay open. This friction keeps the blade closed in your pocket.
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Aizto medium textured CITADEL
78.00 € 
A simple, solid and light shepherd's knife, combining either a smooth or textured buffalo horn handle to an authentic hand forged, selectively quenchedDNH7 carbon steel blade.
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Aizto medium smooth CITADEL
78.00 € 
A shepherd's friction folder. Hand-forged DNH7 carbon steel blade, water buffalo horn handle.
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Aizto medium rugged CITADEL
78.00 € 
A shepherd's folding knife, without locking mechanism. Neither smooth nor textured but rugged horn handle.
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Buddy big chomreak CITADEL
119.00 € 
Multitask, friction folding knife. DNH7 carbon steel blade, selectively quenched. Partially sculpted spine. Handle made out of exotic, veined chomreak wood.
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Mycological knife FOX
14.00 € 
Friction folding knife, special mushrooms, with retractable brush. Satin 420 stainless steel blade, curved serrated back. Black ABS handle, graduated, with suspension ring and retractable nylon brush.
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Razor horn CITADEL
159.00 € 
Hand forged, forge finish DNH7 carbon steel blade. Edge length is 80mm. Handle is made of buffalo horn.
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Rasor bone CITADEL
159.00 € 
This nice folding razor has hand forged, forge finish DNH7 carbon steel blade differentially quenched with notched thumb rest. Smooth buffalo horn handle. Nice, smart, useful.
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Rossignoli big CITADEL
109.00 € 
A big friction folder with a carbon steel blade and beautiful buffalo horn handle.
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Russey bamboo CITADEL
93.00 € 
Shepherd friction knife, lighter and more solid than ever thanks to using Bamboo for handle. Hand forged blade. Differentially quenched carbon steel with forge finish. Notched thumb rest. Adjustable tightening. Handle is made with 2 bamboo scales separated by micarta or paperstone spacers and two red wood foils.
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TreyToi Horn CITADEL
105.00 € 
Jewel knife for offering. Very small folding knife with a sharp stainless damascus steel blade, with an elegant curled lever. Buffalo horn handle.
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