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Folding knife

Folding knives, from the littlest to the biggest. A great range of knives friction opening, piedmontese, others liner lock, etc... Their blades are forged steel, carbon, stainless or damask, their handles made of natural, stabilized or rare wood, horn, bone, composite material, rayskin, brands CITADEL, KIZLYAR SUPREME, FOX
Folding knife with a stainless or carbon steel blade, medium or large size, intended for the outdoors or hard work, hunting or adventure.
Handy and robust folding knives for all those who love the outdoors. Hunters, campers, fishers... you will find all you need here!
Folding knives with either stainless or carbon steel blade, sporting an elegant, stylish look allowing them to be nicely present on the dinner table as well outdoors.
EDC, Every Day Carry, refers to items that are carried to assist in dealing with normal everyday needs, including a folding knife. Efficient and rather light.

Folding knives with a backlock (or spine lock) mechanism. Within the handle, the top of the spine and the tang of the blade resembles a hook. When the blade is opened, it pushes the spine out until the notch on the spine and blade are hooked into place. The two notches exert pressure on one another to keep the blade opened securely. Replacing the blade into the handle of a backlock knife requires pressing on the bottom of the spine until the two notches clear one another.
A friction folder is a folding knife that doesn’t use a lock or springs. It uses the handle’s friction against the tang to stay open. This friction keeps the blade closed in your pocket.
Folding knife liner lock. When opened, one of the steel frames works as a spring and press on the inferior part of the tang. It prevents the blade from moving. To fold the blade back into the knife, the lockbar has to be moved away from the tang to its original position.
Folding knife with a palm mechanism : a clasp locking system uses a piece of strong metal at the top rear of the handle. When the knife is opened, a post inserts itself into that piece of metal similar to a plunge lock. To disengaged the knife, you push up on a clasp, a simple metal ring, so it lifts the piece of metal until the post clears its hole.
Piedmont folding knife. It uses the handle’s friction against the tang to stay open. The heel of the blade is extended and rests on the back of the handle. The thumb naturally comes to settle there and holds the knife open for as long as it is held.
Folding knives devoid of any locking mechanism. The back of the handle holds a spring, one end of which comes to rest on the back of the blade and prevents it from folding down on accident. Applying pressure to the back of the blade is enough to fold the knife, which is thus never truly locked into position.
Here are all our folding knives items, whether they are liner locks or friction folders or back locks, Citadel or Kizlyar Supreme or other brands, no matter their usage. Almost all products marked unavailable can be ordered with a manufacturing period or resupplied regularly.
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