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Citadel, unique items

Created in Cambodia in 1999, by a French entrepreneur drawn to the art and science of blade-making, CITADEL employs highly qualified craftsmen and ironsmiths to hand-forge its products which have gained immediate and worldwide attention with a reputation for quality.
  • HAND CRAFTED FORGED blades and DIFFERENTIAL QUENCHING make these products unique and beautiful. CITADEL offers you the quality of a custom maker at an "industrial" price. No need to look elsewhere. Only Citadel can offer this combination. Made by men with their hands and their hearts all Citadel blades are one-of-a-kind and faithful, lifelong companions.
  • Each of the knives shaped by its craftsmen testifies of their inspiration and their skill at this special moment. Accordingly they are never strictly identical and present -here a small irregularity of forge, somewhere else a light difference of form, size or color. Far from being defects, it is of invaluable pecuiarities which add on the contrary, to their value of unic product.
  • So the present items are almost all from very liitedseries ; some ten of copies, even some units, sometime fast exhausted.
  • However, almost all the items indicated out of stock either sold are still available to order or resupplied.
Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for information about our products, availability, pricing and delivery.
Because of the unique nature of our products, our offering varies and dos not allow any catalog.
customer service
au 05 53 50 69 29
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